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Calyer Designs is a small marketing + design company with big ideas. Our mission is to help our clients stand out from the rest–whether you’re a small business just opening your doors or an established company looking for a change.

We make it a point to listen to your ideas and turn them into a reality, and pride ourselves in customization. Whether you’re in need of social media support, website development, graphic design, marketing direction or branding, we’ve got your back. Calyer Designs has worked with a variety of clients: from hay farms and farm breweries, to non-profits and government affairs agencies, to lifestyle + athlete brands.

In June 2018, Calyer Designs launched Mabel by Calyer Designs, a sub-brand focusing specifically on hand lettering, design, and wedding + event stationery.

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Getaway: Detroit

Calyer Designsmabel by Cd Getaway: Detroit

Getaway: Detroit

From the photo, you’re probably wondering why a passport is needed to go to Detroit. Well two reasons, one: from upstate New York, it cuts a good chunk of time off traveling through Canada and two: going into Canada means I can stock up on Kit Kat bars — clearly the more important reason. Why Kit Kats? Fun fact, the US is the only country that uses Hershey’s chocolate while it’s Nestle everywhere else, and SO much better. You can thank my time working in hockey for that tid bit of info …

A while back, my dad and I made a pact we would hit every NHL arena in our lifetime. Hockey is something that we bonded over when I was growing up, and something we got to enjoy a ton during my four years in the industry. So, that’s what had us driving almost 20 hours for a 36 hour visit.

The agenda: Pray for no traffic at the border, stop at the first Tom Horton’s there is, eat a Coney(s) — we’ll compare Coneys, check out Greek Town, stop at Shinola, see the Red Wings game at The Joe for our one and only opportunity before it closes at the end of the season, and last but not least, stock up on Kit Kats.

The best part of this trip is being able to spend time with my family, checking out a new city and having the chance to travel with a friend native to Detroit and be able to see their family, too.